Chord Bug in recent 3.0 Build

• Sep 25, 2016 - 01:05

Here's a bug in the most recent Musescore 3.0 Nightly Build that is a little out of the ordinary. When you choose the Jazz Big Band option, it locks the chords to the default jazz versions, even if you try to change it. I haven't tested this with any the other Jazz Templates, but I'm going to assume that it's the same case with those as well. I use a specific font for my chords, so I normally change the setting to 'Standard', but with this bug in the way, that isn't an option. I really hope this gets fixed in the next build.
Thank you for reading.

> Arsen Nalbandian


Please keep in mind that 3.0 builds are extremely experimental and should*not* be relied upon for anything resembling real work. It's entirely possible that scores you create today won't even be openable in future builds. Use of 3.0 builds for anything but testing purposes is *not* supported. Bugs will of course be fixed in due course, but in general, there is no particular timeline for this process.

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I honestly only use the 3.0 builds due to the 2nd Percussion Clef getting introduced; it's just a personal preference that I feel is necessary for me when creating Jazz. This is why I've sort of been pushing these Jazz elements to be even better and fine tuned than they already are (No pun intended). Although, I have found some unique workarounds for a lot of these problems. I have wanted to try and complete a Big Band score with the 3.0 build, but I have realized that it's not stable enough. Maybe that clef can be introduced in another small update (2.0.4)? But yeah, I think I'll stick to just finding out the bugs instead of going overboard.

This might be an odd question, but would you assume that it'll take a year or so for 3.0 to be fully finished? Of course, there is no way to realistically see some form of release date currently, but I just want a little input. Thank you.

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