Note groups are truncated in the Time Signatures dialog

• Sep 22, 2016 - 12:30
Reported version
S4 - Minor

GIT commit c57187a/ Windows 7

1) Any score: Shift + F9 -> Time signatures: Note Groupes section

Expected result (as the 2.0.3)


Current result: even by extending the window to the maximum right, it is impossible to show the integrality of the note groups (ie 1/32)

This issue is close to that one: #110206: Can't change time signature properties

I open a new one, first because the main and initial problem (traited by the title) is not anymore involved now, and because I observe two things by now:

1) I had closed end July this first mentionned issue a bit quickly (or do not have opened a new one at this moment).
Indeed, I noticed afterwards that the result was not totally satisfied (see image below). Explanation: the Note groups should be placed at the far left of the window, as with 2.0.3 (first image above)
18 juillet.jpg

2) And also and especially because the problem has worsened since September 3 with this inability to display entirely these note groups, as showed in the 2th image above.
And from what I see, this is another side effect of this commit: 4ac407d


In my understanding, I don't think so, because since on July 18, it was possible to display the note groups entirely (despite the bad position - not enough left - of these groups), as you can observe on the last image of initial message.
While it is again impossible since September 3 (second image) despite the maximum extending of the window to the right.

Status (old) needs info active

Anyway, there is a problem with the positioning the note groups which should be "sticked" to the left, and this question is not related to the "other" issue.