Tremelo Vertical Offset shifting

• Sep 19, 2016 - 11:58
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Tremolos adjusted for vertical offset in 2.03 are jumping to a different offset on closing and reopening file.

In this image I have adjusted the offset manually so that the offset is not clashing with the accidental sign (below)
Tremelo Viertical Offset manually adjustedScreenshot 2016-09-19.png

When I save, close and reopen the file the offset adjustment has increased (below)
Tremelo Jump after close and reopen Screenshot 2016-09-19.png

Sometimes a small adjustment can jump to the point of being useless
Tremolo vertical offset shifting Screenshot 2016-09-19.png
After making a small adjustment to the tremelos of the treble clef in the above image they were at one time to be found on top of the bass clef tremelos after opening the file at a later time.

The examples above are from my upload
bars 156-163 and 270-280 but I have experienced this in other pieces e.g. Entry of the Gladiators has many tremolos on page 3 some of which I would have liked to have adjusted but the "answer" was to avoid adjusting the tremolos else they would jump to an unreasonable offset