Notating a melody with guitar midi

• Sep 17, 2016 - 00:19

hi i would like to plug a guitar into something????? and be able to have Musecore notate the melody line

is this possible, i use musecore a lot its great, manually input the notes (laptop) in every bar and all the chords.unfortunately i cant read music, dont laugh, i am a jazz composer/player,

writing/ composing is no problem ar all, i cannot assign the correct rhythmic note values (not pitch)
a lot is off the beat and 16th notes some time times.

kind regards


If you have a device that is controlled by a guitar and can send MIDI to your computer, then yes you can use that to enter notes into MuseScore, as described in the Handbook under note input. But it's still a manual process - you will need to enter the notes one at a time, selecting the duration for each, etc. It's no different in that respect from entering notes by typing their letter names or clicking on the staff - you can't just play and have MsueScore automatically guess at rhythms and which notes to put in which voices etc. So if you are having trouble figuring out rhythms now, the MIDI input won't help. You might consider taking some lessons to improve your ability to notate rhythm - like anything else, it's a completely learnable skill.

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