r1619 bug?

• Mar 15, 2009 - 17:41

I was trying to enter a measure (4/4) where the first note is a half note, followed by a quarter note, with a 16th note pick-up to the following measure. This may be a user error (please let me know if it is) but I enter the first two notes fine and then selected the 16th note and tried to place it after that quarter rest but before the bar for the next measure but the software refused to let me do that. However, I then tried placing an 8th note between the rest and the bar line and it worked. I then clicked on the 16th note and placed it on top of the 8th note and the software created two 16th notes and I was able to delete the first one to get the effect that I needed. So, it seems like a bug that a 16th note is treated differently than an 8th there.

Also, the resulting measure has a 8th rest followed by a 16th rest. Is there anyway to make this a dotted 8th rest in subsequent versions?


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I think anyone would enjoy using the program much more if they would use the keyboard for note entry instead of the mouse. I can enter notes quite rapidly by using my left hand to enter the pitch of the notes, and my right hand to change the duration with the number pad. The space bar enters a rest instead of a note. It's very intuitive-- love this program.

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In 1619 I can't enter dotted eight followed by sixteenth using the keyboard such as 4.a3g The cursor doesn't advance after adding the dotted eighth, and the sixteenth (the g in my example) replaces the dotted eighth. This cursor advancement problem also manifests in other ways. I didn't notice this in the stable 0.9.4

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Before entering note entry mode (Press Esc if you are entering notes elsewhere) click on the rest where you want the first note to go. then press [N] to enter note entry mode, pres [4] and [.] to select a dotted eighth, then [a] to place it. Although I haven't tried your example specifically, I've never had a problem with the cursor advancing except with entering chords, in which case I just press [right] when I'm done to advance the cursor.
It would be nice if pressing [Tab] and [shift]+[Tab] would move the cursor between staffs on a system, and if MuseScore would at least try to guess an entry point when you push [N]. That way the mouse could be avoided altogether.

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