Positioning of dynamics when dragging

• Sep 10, 2011 - 21:18
S4 - Minor

When entering dynamics, MuseScore currently snaps to the closest note in the measure the cursor is over. This requires the composer to drag a dynamic marking onto the score and then immediately move it to the desired position. MuseScore should snap dynamics to the next available note, even if the cursor is on a different side of the barline. I cannot think of an instance where someone would want to anchor a dynamic to the right of a note. In these rare cases, it is easy enough to drag it on and then move it.

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Hi. I can't understand your explanation. Do you mean that the dynamic is placed in the wrong bar/stave?

The line connecting the dynamic displays which bar to place the symbol. If you want it where it is now, you need to move the symbol enough so that the line attaches to the bar you want it in.


Sorry that I wasn't more clear. Essentially, the dynamic should connect to the note directly after wherever it is placed. I can't think of any instance where someone would want the note behind the dynamic. This is more of a usability bug than anything else. The dynamic should not try to connect to a note that is not logical. It should always go to the next note, as musicians would expect. If I move it to be really close to the correct note so that it connects, I need to readjust it later, which takes a really long time when adding dynamics to many instruments.

Does it work when you try to do different dynamics for each instrument? Sometimes it doesn't for me. Also, you drag the dynamic a little bit backwards, it won't anchor to a different note unless you drag it past a different note.

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I'm still not understanding this. How are you attempting to add the dynamic? Are you are using drag & drop or double click? What note are you attempting to attach to, and what note is it attaching to instead? Can you attach a score and specific steps to reproduce? And have you tried it in 2.0?