Hide instrument from the Piano Keyboard

• Sep 14, 2016 - 14:11

Dear all

I'm learning to play a melody and I just decided to write my own metronome inside the score. I have a 4/4 score and I want a metronome with 1/8 notes (this would make 8 hits in total). The buillt-in metronome does this only with 1/4 notes (this makes 4 hits in total). What I did was adding "Wood blocks" as an instrument and write the percussion notes for each measure (see my screenshot at the end).

Now, I played it in MuseScore with the "Piano Keyboard" on the screen. My idea is to do some video in order to visualize how the percussion hits are played in relation to the main score instrument. Then I can play it myself with the right tempo. The only problem here is that the "Piano keyboard" is playing both: the main instrument and the "Wood blocks" (see my screenshot at the end). Is there any way of hiding the percussion from the "Piano keyboard"?


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Here's an idea you may find useful.
You can visualize the main instrument played against eighth notes (as per the OP's image) by playing this file:
and carefully observing the MuseScore playback cursor.
(Since the measures are stretched out enough, and the tempo is slow enough, it's easy to follow both staves simultaneously to, visualize how the percussion hits are played in relation to the main score instrument.)

As far as the "piano keyboard" is concerned, it always shows the notes which are sounded, so I silenced the woodblocks. The playback cursor still 'visually' follows though.

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