STUCK in a Key

• Sep 14, 2016 - 09:31

sorry - stuck- tried a few ways
TO SOLVE - I went to the start of a piece - I hit the 4 flatted symbols ( A flat maj ) and highlighted the entire score , then changed it entirely to G Maj - worked for all staffs from beginning to end . Good.

However - the notes are still the same in the score : i.e. ALL the flats are still there...
They don't change automatically , now that it's G Major ? I thought it would have cancelled them all out.
where did I go wrong ? ...


If you enter notes in one key then MuseScore assumes that you want "normal" notes for that key - A's placed in a key of Ab will, for instance, be Ab and the B's will be Bb etc. If you change the Key Signature after entering these notes (to G Major, for instance) then any new note entered will assume G Major and you'll get A, B, E naturals and F's will be sharpened BUT any note you have already entered will not change their pitch and so you will see lots of flats.

If this doesn't explain your situation, can you post the score, please?

To clarify:

Changing the key signature does that and that only - it does not change any notes you have already entered. If you want to change the notes you have entered, you need to use one of the transposition functions. Depending on what you want transposed and why, selecting a region and using Notes / Transpose might be the best thing to do, or selecting and using the up & down arrows, or simply pressing F2 or Shift+F2, or changing the instrument associated with a staff to one that uses a different transposition, etc.

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