Sharing Sheet Music

• Sep 11, 2016 - 22:14

How do I share my sheet music I'm making with my friends? If I can, can my friends and I work on sheet music together? (BTW I want to share before uploading to Musescore)


Assuming they have email, that would seem the obvious choice - just attach the score you are working on to a message, send it, let them work on it, and send it back.

You could try also working from a shared folder on Dropbox or Google Drive, but there wouldn't be anything like the real-time collaboration features of Google Docs, So there is a really excellent chance you'd just end up stepping on each others' feet and making things worse unless you are all extremely expert in managing real time access to computer files - which most people definitely aren't :-)

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It would be amazing for this feature to be added. To be honest, I hadn't even considered it but I hope the developers will. If the real-time collaboration aspect of Flat.IO were combined with the power and familiarity of MuseScore, I think it would certainly be even more appealing to composers who like to collaborate (me).

As I am not much of a programmer, I cannot fathom what this might entail, so perhaps it is not priority #1, but it would definitely be nice.
This is a long shot (again, not a programmer), but maybe it'd be worth investigating how VSCode handles this; it uses extensions such as Live Share.

Thanks for reading!

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