Palette icons squished

• Sep 11, 2016 - 18:23

Opened Musescore today, and when I flipped open one of the palettes to pull in a barline, something didn't look quite right. And when I flipped open some more, I see they are all squished together somehow...

Anyone know how to fix this? It wasn't like this the last time I was using Musescore, and can't remember having changed any properties. Especially any that would have any effect on this :/



Did you perhaps create a custom workspace using the controls at the bottom of the palette window? Before a full revert to factory settings, you could try just switching back to a standard worksopace (eg, "Advanced").

If that's not it, what OS, what version of MuseScore? And are you perchance starting it using some command line options?

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Huh, that's so weird. The Basic and Advanced workspaces were in fact normal looking. But my custom one is for some reason messed up size-wise... And all the palettes in it for some reason have different messed up width and height properties... how would this even happen?

I can at least be 100% that I didn't do this, since I didn't even know about these settings before today :P

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