Deleting first measure deletes extra things

• Sep 11, 2016 - 13:58

Whenever I delete the first measure of a score, it automatically deletes a bunch of other stuff too—it changes all the clefs to treble, and sometimes the key signature and time signature disappear too. Those are things I necessarily am going to want all throughout the piece even if I need to clean out the notes in the first measure for some reason. Easy to fix as long as I remember the settings I originally had, but it's kind of annoying.


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By deleting the first measure, you observe the removal of the key signature and the time signature with the 2.0.3? I can't do this here.
Ex: piano score, 3#, 3/4 time signature, enter some notes in measures. Then, select the first measure -> Ctrl + Del. Result: time sig and key sig are always here.
Could you attach your score? Maybe there is another thing.

If you delete the measure itself (SELECT>CTL+DEL), rather than just the content of the measure (SELECT>DEL), that will happen. If you only delete the notes, the front-matter (time sig, key sig, and clef) will be preserved.

[ETA: My post and Cadiz's post crossed in cyberspace, so let me add that I reproduced this behaviour with 2.0.1.]

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