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• Sep 10, 2016 - 14:19

I am making a transcript of an old song of my land and I have only found an old score and made by hand ..
I have had no problems except with symbols that I know.
In the attached picture you can see, in keys G and F.
At no time, except later; changes 2/4 time signature.
I think it may be a form of arpeggio, I would like someone related to the world of piano doubt take me out and tell me the correct way to do it in MuseScore, thanks.

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Hello "xavierjazz" I thought tremolo, but I do not understand is the value of the figures.
Three Half-Note in 2/4 time.
How is written notation, if possible?
Thanks for the quick reply

In the picture I have done a test with two forms,
in the first ligatures have no (logical) effect, I feel that is not the way.
The second way is correct?

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That's the wrong type of tremolo symbol. The type you used is the one that goes directly on the stem of a single note, and it means to repeat that note rapidly. The type you actually want is the one that goes *between* two notes to indicate that you are supposed to alternate *between* the two notes rapidly. It's the one on the palette that *doesn't* show the stem in the icon.

Thanks for the answers to both.
I understand that is not touched a chord block, a technique, and the best representation is the number two of the image, with Quarter note linked.
Tremolos by notes would be displaced.
Is corrrecto?

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Thanks Jojo-Schmitz for lost time, very grateful.
Attached picture, I think the second example sounds better.
It is the same as Mark told me but had not understood.
He left me impressed function.
As the saying goes:
You never learned one more thing.

Greetings and thank you.

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