Code Question: What Font is Used to Draw the Fingering Glyphs?

• Sep 4, 2011 - 23:01

Three quick developer questions, please -

1) I see that mscore_20 and mscore1-20 are used for most of the glyphs, but I don't see the fingering glyphs (see attached) in the font files. Am I just missing them, or are they drawn from a system file?

2) I also see that these fonts appear to be embedded in the application (both OTF and FontForge files). If I want to change a glyph that is displayed in the program, from one of those fonts, then I simply: open the corresponding FontForge file, make my change, export the OTF font, and then recompile Musescore?

3) Why are both fonts used, when they are almost identical?



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1) In MuseScore 1.1, Fingerings uses a system font by default, "Time New Roman", you should be able to change it in Style -> Edit Text Style -> Fingering. In the trunk, fingerings and other texts uses FreeSerifMscore by default, a font embedded in the executable.

2) FontForge files are not emebedded in the application. And indeed, if you change a fontforge file, save, and recompile MuseScore from scratch, you should see the changes in MuseScore. If you want to make some changes in one of the embedded font, you should be able to install it as a system font and make the changes, the system font should take precedence against the embedded one (at least it's the case on Windows, for the chordnames font)

3) mscore20 is used for all the elements on the staff while mscore1-20 is used for texts.

May I ask what you are trying to achieve?

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