"Tuplet Cannot Cross Barline" message for tuplets that do not cross the barline.

• Sep 9, 2016 - 15:48

I'm currently experimenting with some polyrhythms and listening to their playback in Musescore. However, with the current one I'm experimenting with, it will not allow me to copy/paste it to be played in multiple measures even though the tuplet lasts one full measure without crossing any barline at all.

Here is an image of the tuplet that is giving me this problem . I do not get the same problem if there isn't a 4:3 nested tuplet, if that makes any difference.

Also, one other thing I noticed is that if I try to change the time signature of that measure from 5/4 to any larger time signature (e.g. 6/4), Musescore will just crash entirely. However, I can easily copy/paste the tuplet into a measure of a larger time signature.


better attach Images directly, using the "File attachments" links below your pesponse. Also better share the score rather than a picture of it, in the same way.
Seems you are using nested tuples, and I guess there a some rounding errors involved, a 4:3 tuplett in the 2nd half of 7:4 tuplet.
I'm curious: how did you enter this?

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Voice 1, I select the full-measure rest and use CTRL+7 to make the 7-tuplet. I place four quarter notes in the 7-tuplet, then a dotted half note because you can't place dotted half-rests. I press CTRL+4 on that to make it a 4:3 rhythm for the last three beats of the 7-tuplet. Voice 2 is the 5/4 pulse.

Thanks for the advice for file attachment

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OK, that dotted half break is what threw me off. This alone is an indicator that something is wrong here, as it works just fine in a 4/4 measure, also the copy paste.
Should be worth a bug report in the issue tracker, https://musescore.org/en/node/add/project-issue/musescore, esp. as the latest nightly builds have the same Problem

You can fake it though, in a 4/4 measure and with a quintuplet in voice 2, with setting number and bracket to none for that (or by making the tuplet bracket and number invisible)

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