Opening MuseScore in Multiple Screens with Multiple Sessions

• Sep 1, 2011 - 21:49

I have a 2 screen setup and would like MuseScore to be open in both (with separate scores) for orchestrating a quintet, making it easier to copy paste and review what I have done. Any suggestions? Can't seem to be able to open MuseScore more than once with Windows 7


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You can run a portable version at the same time as a release version if you need MuseScore running twice for some reason rather than using the display documents stacked/split.

You could run a virtual machine on one screen with a separate, isolated instance of MuseScore (say an AppImage for ease of installation) running in it but I'll leave it up to you to research that one since setting up virtual machines isn't trivial.

For MuseScore 3, use menu item: View -> 'Documents Side by Side'.
The MuseScore window can be re-sized across 2 displays with each score displayed on a different monitor.

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