A few issues in the latest FluidR3Mono (Vs 2.310) soundfont.

• Sep 6, 2016 - 14:28

2.0.3 / Win 7

Thanks to ChurchOrganist for the latest FluidR3Mono update (2.310). It fixed quite a few problems with loops and clicking noises. Just a few more issues:

1. Jazz guitar: The notes C#4 and above have a faulty volume envelope which swells slowly before decaying.
2. Guitar harmonics: Most samples have clicks at the end.
3. Slap bass: The D2 and D#2 seem to have "wolf" tones compared to the surrounding samples.
4. Tremelo: doesn't produce musical results at all. The noise continues even after key off.
5. Whistle: has a volume tremelo whose frequency increases with pitch, producing a harsh sound.
6. Bass + lead: Clicks in the samples.
7. Mellow yamaha grand: The natural keyboard sound is accompanied by some very bassy mechanical noise.
8. Guitar feedback: Click on key off.
9. Ice Rain: The background percussive loop is too slow compared to other GM2 sets.


1. This is not apparent in Viena??? Can you provide a soundfile example of this???
2. The samples do not have clicks - the release envelope was 0 so the gate closes immediately at the end of the sample - this is enhanced with Fluid's synth engine. Will be fixed in the next release.
3. Again I can't hear anything untoward in Viena????
4. This is known it is caused by a bug in FluidSynth - we have to wait for it to be fixed upstream.
5. This caused because there is only one whistle sample - it is unfixable without replacement samples.
6. Not apparent in Viena - the samples used are very short oscillator samples - no clicks at sample level. Is what you're hearing key click? If so it is a feature not a bug.
7. These samples were processed from the Yamaha Bright Grand - pianos are mechanical instruments - any mechanical noise you hear is a feature - not a bug.
8. Again this is key click - the sample is not actual feedback it is a sinewave used as an oscillator - in this case fiddling with release doesn't work.
9. Again this is caused by only having one sample for the loop - so the lower the LFO frequency goes, the slower the loop - would need new samples to fix.

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1. Play the C4 then a C#4 (and above) in MuseScore and you will hear the difference.
3. I can't hear any problems using a different (Win 10) PC. So, must be a system issue …
6. The clicks are definitely there. Tested on two different PCs (Win7 and 10).
7. Compare it to the Bright yamaha grand and you will hear the difference. It's not just duller, it's had too much bass added (try listening under headphones).
8. IMV, the "Guitar feedback" isn't usable because of the release click.

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EQ is a personal / subjective thing; what one person hears as more bass than they would prefer, someone else hears as too much treble and not enough bass. And actually, the latter is how most people hear the pianos in Fluid, FWIW. I doubt many people would agree with the notion there is too much bass. It's certainly the program you are comparing with has even less bass though.

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No distortion - this is a defect in FluidSynth.

Playback in both Viena and Polyphone is clean.

Correction - there are artifacts in the SF3 version. If you download and install the SF2 version of FluidR3Mono the problem disappears.

I currently have this problem with the trumpet, which is why a new SF3 version hasn't yet been unloaded, as I need to try recompiling the SF3 compressor.

There is a clicking sound at the end of the 808 Tom preset. However, this seems to be fixable with an appropriate vol. env. release (0.5 secs) in Viena?

And Synth Brass 3: Clicking sound in the higher registers.

A few more soundfont issues:

1. Castanets (near end of GM2 list). Octave(s) too low.
2. Fantasia. There may be a tuning issue. Listen to the octaves in the attached file for example.
3. Breath Noise. Octave(s) too low.

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