Volta brackets should export to all parts

• Sep 1, 2011 - 03:43
S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Open or create a score
2. From the lines palette, drag a volta bracket onto the topmost staff of the score
3. File > Parts...
4. Create a part for any staff (other than the topmost staff)

Expected behavior: The volta bracket should appear in the new part

Actual behavior: The volta bracket does not appear in the parts (other than

Discussion: In an orchestra score the volta brackets are not usually placed on every staff. By convention they often appear on the top of each instrument family (such as strings or winds). When extracting a part and deciding whether a part needs a volta bracket it needs look beyond its own staff and iterate through each of the instruments staves above the extracted measure.

MuseScore version: 1.1 (unable to test trunk due to crashes)

(Operating System: Windows 7)


On my system, I find that voltas *do* get placed automatically in the parts, but not if they occur within multimeasure rests and you haven't explicitly set the "break multimeasure rest" property for the measure that starts the volta.

Marc, did you try opening a the demo score "bach-bc2.mscx", dragging a volta bracket to the trumpet staff and then creating a part for the flute?

Same feature for chords, please. If you place a chord symbol on top staff of a saxophone section (alto sax), the chords should also apper in the lowest staff (baritone sax).

OK, now that's weird. You're right, it doesn't work in the Brandenburg demo, nor did it work in the sample I tried to create just now. But it worked fine (once I set the "break multimeasure rest" proerty) in this score I create a couple of weeks ago (see attached). I tried setting the break property in the other scores even though there were no rests just to see if that was the key, but it didn't help.

So something else must be different about my score...

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@JazzClub: sometimes you want chords to extract to all parts, sometimes you don't. This is different from volta brackets which should always extract to parts. Chordnames should be a separate report from volta brackets.

See also #12086: [1.1] Volta doesn't automatically break multimeasure rest; extracted parts messed up

A very brief test with the trunk suggests that

- voltas export correctly in at least some cases where no multimeasure rests are involved
- multimeasure rests now break automatically at voltas in all cases


- voltas still do not appear in parts other than the top where multimeasure rests are involved. The rest breaks to allow for the volta, but no volta appears
- voltas are also not exported to parts other than the top when opening older scores, but newly created scores seem to work

Just as observation:
I created a score with 9 parts, with 2 times a first and second volta placed on top staff.
Playback works fine, even on each exported part first and second volta playback is correct.
However, the placement of the volta brackets is greatly misaligned in the exported top part.
In all other exported parts no volta's are exported.

In an earlier attempt, placed the volta's not on the top staff in overall score.
For this part first volta(s) was not exported, second volta(s) was exported oke.
Also playback was oke.

(tested with WIN7, Nightly bd741c8)

Volta should now :
- export to all parts
- break multi measure rests at the start and at the end of the volta
- be displayed even if the staff is made invisible in Insert -> Instruments (and this is the feature used in the player)
- not be draggable on a staff if it's not the top staff