Double barline doesn't appear on the staff of the added instrument

• Sep 3, 2016 - 22:13
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Win 10 Pro
see the attached file:
I created a new score, with a treble clef.
I changed the bar line in bar 4 to a double bar line
I added a new instrument (Violincello)
The new instrument does not have the double bar line in bar 4

It should inherit all the bar lines from the existing staves, right?
This has been a bug since at least mid-may...


I don't see a score attached, and I can't reproduce this in a score created from scratch. Be sure the score is created using either a released version of MuseScore, or - if using a 3.0 build - the same build you are now trying to add the staff with. Scores created using earlier 3.0 builds are not guaranteed to be compatible with later builds.

Oops. Here is the file. It's created with a 3.0 build from last week, e15fdf0, as noted in the original post. As also noted in the original post, this bug has been around since May, I just never reported it until now (too busy with other stuff, too much flux in MuseScore 3.0 layouts anyway during that time).

I can reproduce the bug by adding to the sample file as follows:
- Put a double bar line at the end of bar 8
- Note how that double bar line applies to both staves
- Now add a Viola staff.
- Note that it does not get either double bar line.

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My mistake, I had an older build lying around. I can indeed create from scratch:

1) My First Score
2) add double bar to measure 4
3) add instrument

Result: new instrument does not inherit double bar in measure 4

Probably this issue should be enlargened to "Bar line properties don't work correctly" or something similar, as there are some more issues with bar lines:
- it is not possible with the current dev-versions to change the span of bar lines.
- the preset ticks etc. also don't change anything at all

For me they don't work at all 221f20b:
I establish a new file with one system, select the first bar line, try to set these presets - nothing works ...
The same with manual editing, the bar line always returns to default.

In 2.0.3 this works fine.

... and when I set them to repeats and click on "default", they even cannot be reset to default, only repeats are possible to be used then ...

on Linuxmint 18

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