Dynamics and Hairpins above Measure?

• Sep 1, 2016 - 21:53

When I pull in a dynamic (ex. P) or a hairpin (ex. crescendo), it goes below the measure and on top of the lyrics, which is rather annoying...

I know I can drag it up, but Is there a way to make it above by default? Either globally or for the current score?



Of course, by asking, I finally figured it out. Although a bit finicky... wish there was just a toggle button somewhere...

By changing Style\General\Hairpins,...\Default vertical position and Style\Text\Dynamics\Offset\Vertical from its default, 7.50sp, to -1.50sp they now end up like this, which is much more practical, I feel :P


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Yes, for vocal music, this is more practical, but that's the only case where this is standard - music for pretty much all other instruments has dynamics below the staff, which is why that is the default.

FWIW, MuseScore 3 will have a way to toggle *individual elements* from below to above the staff. But that would be more work than simply changing the text style, which is also far more flexible (it allows you to specify the actual distance above the staff, or change the distance below, or change size, etc).

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