Doubt repetitions of measures

• Sep 1, 2016 - 14:22

Hello, I have a doubt in the repetition of measure, particularly when several.
I know the sign to repeat the last measure, but according to the image when the sign is centered and double means that you have to repeat the last two measures.
In the other image the number 4 indicates that you have to repeat the last 4 measures.
Am I right or wrong?
Is there any way to do with musescore or no choice but to copy the measures?

Finally, in the last image after repetition bar, the chord is linked to the previous chord opening bar repetition.

Will this be done? ?How?

Thank you.

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@kakasle, a workaround, if useful (You have to adjust well the spaces):
Edit/Bar/Join Selected Bars (1,2,3,4);
Bar properties (5,6) actual 1/64;
Press 'Z' add the symbol;
Add End Repeat, press 'V';
Add Line (Allow diagonal), positioning them and the left hand rests;
Right click bar 4-> Repeat count 4;
Add the number.
(uncheck 'show invisible')

just a dirty trick

__edit____ and it does not work well, sorry :(

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Thanks for the info, work, work, the problem is that it is confusing and I think that in the fourth repetition waste time to go through the measure, it seemed.
Hopefully in successive versions they see, and easy to implement.
I read in another thread that there is a kind of discussion about it, I think it's very good for some things, for example rhythmic patterns that are repeated many times, if you want to change in the future just have to modify the original, a greeting .

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