Problem printing Landscape page

• Aug 25, 2016 - 20:11

When I try to print a Landscape page, the printer seems not to understand the format, but prints Portrait, cutting off part of the page.
I tried to reselect Landscape in the printer options, but I have no such option for some reason.
Right now, my only workaround is to export to pdf and then print from Acrobat - and that is kind of a nuisance!
In MuseScore 1.3, I had no such problem.
Anybody help?


I take it your score is set up as landscape? What version of MuseScore, and what OS? The choice between landscape and protrait is normally handled by the printer driver and/or operating system as far as I know - keep looking as it should be there.

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Yes, the score is set up as landscape.
MuseScore version is 2.0.3.
OS Windows 7.
I find it hard to believe this just depends on the printer driver as in any other program on my computer, I get the option to select landscape right in the Print dialog itself.
But not with MuseScore. I found it now under Preferences - Finishing.
Was the same for MuseScore 1.3 by the way, only that there I did not need it as the landscape pages printed correctly :-).

BTW, if we are on it :-), is there a way I can change the default setting of Letter to A4?


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Most aspects of printing is handled for MsueScore by the Qt libraries, which in turn rely on the operating system. The specifics vary from system to system, and I'm not an expert on this. I just know that in general, printing landscape 8does* work - I do it quite often.

The default paper size also comes from your printer drivers and the operating system by way of Qt. If your default printer is set to use A4 paper by default, then this should be honored by MuseScore as well, at least for new scores you create within MuseScore 2 using any of the default templates. Scores created with 1.3 will continue to use whatever page size they were last saved with, as will scores created with templates that specify a paper size *other* than standard.

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It worked fine with the Nightly - adapted both landscape and A4 :-)

Another question absolutely unrelated:
Would it be possible to ask during installation which interface language I prefer to use?
I guess right now it pulls the language from the location defined in Windows.
This may be fine in most cases, but I am one of the examples of people who prefer their computer to be in English and not in the local language.
I found it annoying when I installed MuseScore 2 as well, as I did not remember where to change it and had to look for it. If I'll get into a habit of installing nightlies, I'll probably know with the time, but that should not the regular usage model I guess :-).
Thanks a lot

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