Why is repeat ignored in playback after D.C. al Coda?

• Aug 24, 2016 - 22:22

I've attached a lead sheet where I have an End Repeat Barline, 1st and 2nd Voltas and a DC al Coda. The first time through I get the expected results: at the End Repeat playback returns to the beginning, and on the second time through skips the 1st Volta and plays the 2nd Volta. The DC al Coda then returns playback to the beginning, as expected, but at the End Repeat Barline, it does not return playback to the beginning; rather it just plays the 2nd Volta immediately following the 1st Volta as if the End Repeat Barline did not exist.

I tried putting 1,3 in the Repeat List in Volta Properties for the 1st Volta and 2,4 for the 2nd Volta, but that didn't help. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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I noticed that on D.C. there is an option to include repeats. I believe if it is checked, the repeat is taken as many times as it is configured, nominally twice. By default, when repeats are not played, the 2nd ending is played, and perhaps if greater than 2 would be the final ending, although have not tested. The check box option on the D.C. via inspector property says Play Repeats which is misleading because if unchecked you are still playing the measures in the repeat and one of the endings. This is not what the instruction says which I would interpret as "play the measures in the repeat" and if you do, play number of cycles as indicated. Of course this is probably not correct interpretation or custom but the language could be misconstrued.

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