triangle sound

• Aug 23, 2011 - 14:18

I am sad to resort to asking the community to help (only after a long, frustrating, unfruitful search) with my problem.
I am writing a score for a symphonic band and need a triangle sound. The font I'm using (TimGM6) either doesn't support this sound or I can't make it work. The drum pallet seems to stay the same, soundwise, no matter if I change drum sets in the mixer and does not seem to have a triangle sound. i would have figured it would appear under the "orchestral" heading in the drum mixer, but, as I said, the sounds presented on the drum pallet never change, regardless which drum set i choose in the mixer. What am I doing wrong?


Or, if you've created a staff using a generic "drumset" sound, the triangle is in there somewhere. I neverremember exactly whee, but just enter any note and use the up/down arrows until you hear it.

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