Multi-measure rests in harp part

• Aug 10, 2016 - 19:46

I'm not having an issue creating multi-measure rests, but I am wondering if there is a feature (or perhaps a better work around) for this question.

In creating a harp part, I would like for the multi-measure rests to have the number of measures of rest in between the two staves of music, and have only the rest line/sign appear in both the upper and lower staves. As it currently stands, you get a rest line/sign AND bar count for both lines. The bar count and rest line/sign are both of a single unit and neither can be individually manipulated or made invisible.

My work around has been to make the bottom staff rests invisible and move the top line rests in between the staves, which works OK, but isn't quite right.

I'm attaching an example of a harp part full of the kind of rests I am looking for (in the event my description above is not clear), as well as a copy of what I have done so far. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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20 harp 1.pdf 782.97 KB
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Not currently possible that I can think of. There has been a request to make the vertical height of the numbers controllable, that would help. In general, we could also consider a checkbox to place the numerals between the staves of any two-staff part (would also apply to piano, organ, etc).

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