More Percussion Sounds?

• Aug 6, 2016 - 08:31

I noticed that some instruments don't have dedicated sounds in the percussion section and it seems that it kind of loses the value of some of the instruments. Is there plans to make dedicated sounds for some in the future?

Example: Automobile Brake Drums is using the Low Agogo Bell pitch.


If you can provide samples they can be added.

But how many times have you seen "Automobile Brake Drums" in a score other than by John Cage?

Which brings up the question: Is it worth increasing the default soundfont bandwidth for the sake of including a rarely used instrument?

It is, of course, possible to add soundfonts to MuseScore, so should you be lucky enough to find an Automobile Brake Drum soundfont you could do it that way.

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I have seen Brake Drums in a few other scores, like The Phantom Train by Ed Huckeby and I have even seen it used to substitute the Anvil sound, which I've only seen in one Holst score.

The question could be brought up with a few instruments in said category. Temple Blocks usually comes in sets of 3-5, but MuseScore only gives us the option of two.
Nevertheless, I haven't seen them used much in scores on here, but have performed many scores with them.

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5 note Temple blocks were added to the default soundfont in version 2.200 - over 6 months ago.

If you scroll down in the Mixer instrument list you will find it.

We have had a minor stable release since then.

A .drm file was provided with that update with the information required for someone to update Instruments.xml and is still available as part of the zip download of FluidR3Mono.

All that is required is for someone to update Instruments.xml to reflect this.

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