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• Aug 3, 2016 - 14:32
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Staff Text is entered for the user input text (e.g. accel. or rit.) rather than System Text. This requires you to delete the automatically entered text and reenter it as system text. If you don't manually fix it the text will only show up on the selected staff where the tempo change is entered. It should show up above the top staff of a conductors score and every staff on the parts so the piccolo player is not the only musician aware of the tempo change.


Since I don't program I don't know if staff text is available. Either way this is a cool add-on and the shortfall is easily overcome.

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I indeed think the system text flag is currently not available, but let me ponder a bit about possible convenient workarounds.
Perhaps I could set the label of the first tempo marking and change the style on that one. Not sure if the setting of textstyle is available for the tempo marking, but if it is, that might work.

Otherwise I'll postpone this bug and open a feature request against the plugin framework to make this possible.

Don't expect a fix within the coming month though.. I've got some other stuff going on at the moment.

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jeetee, just FYI on this plugin. The tempo markings are not editable. E.g. If I want a "a tempo" at the end, I edit the last tempo marking but it doesn't do anything. Let's say the plugin changes the tempo from 85 - 65. It lets me change the 65 to 85 to get an "a tempo" but changing it doesn't do anything. Maybe that was your intention. The workaround is to insert your own tempo marking. Not a big deal, but just thought I would mention it to you in case you can do something about it. It would save a step if I can edit the last tempo marking to get the "a tempo" without having to insert another tempo marking, then make it invisible.
EDIT: I found out the problem. The "follow text" setting is unchecked in the inspector. When I check it, it changes the tempo to what I want. Now that I know the issue, I guess there is nothing that needs to be done, unless you wanna make sure the "follow text" setting is checked in the plugin.

@odelphi231 thanks for the report. The plugin does try to set the follow checkbox to on (and at least did so when I wrote it). So something in the plugin framework in later versions might've broken that.

I'll have to investigate as it is indeed the intention that those markers do follow their text.