Minor changes for intergration with REAPER DAW

• Aug 8, 2011 - 22:32
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

In everyday life I use REAPER for make modern music and MuseScore for solving classical music tasks. It will be very nice to use MuseScore as a score editor in REAPER.

Please consider some thoughts:
1. Now REAPER can launch MuseScore with midi file as first parameter. Then it ask for shortest note on import. Could it read some more data from midi and miss that parameter asking?
2. When I save REAPER's midi file, opened in MuseScore it suggest me to save as generic mscz file. Is it possible to implement saving opened midi as midi without questions (without standart save file dialog window)?

Could you please make some minor changes for better integration with REAPER? This thing will speed up working with REAPER and MuseScore together, significantly increase users community!


I understand that I must myself write a plugin that add a menu item? Maybe so...

And what about the first item? You can turn it off? I do not think this is possible with the help of another plugin.

Your 2 requests seem totally valid and justified, but the main challenge is to find someone who wants this solution as well and can code it. Did you cross post this request on the reaper forum already?

What you must understand is that MuseScore could completely change your MIDI between open and save. MuseScore is not a MIDI editor, so it imports the MIDI data in his own model and not consider some data (CC message for example) that are not needed for a score editor. Then when you save, it will take his inner model and make a MIDI representation of it.

I didn't do cross posts cause REAPER's forum already have many topics about MuseScore integration (with no results indeed).

I fully understand that when MuseScore imports MIDI data, it can ignore some data. Lose CC is cause it could be used in separate MIDI item.
Ok, MuseScore also need a place to save some score-related data, which is not needed in REAPER. For example, new key signature, slur lines, etc. How do you think, could MuseScore use MIDI text events to store these only MuseScore-releted data? If so, in REAPERS user just shouldn't touch this or if something wrong with it, MuseScore will ignore it and than overwrite it.