• Aug 7, 2011 - 12:14

as the attached snapshot show in playing mode I should ear song up to the arrow and then
the”piece” should start from the beginning repeating again to the arrow
and then should play up to the end
actually I’m not able to have such performance
is there anybody that could explain to me why it doesn’t happen?

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Schermata 08-2455781 alle 12.56.10.png 305.01 KB


Are you sure that you've selected the 'Play repeats on/off' icon? (It's to the right of the 'Play' icon on the icon bar, and will be highlighted when you click on it to turn on the playing of repeats.)

If that doesn't solve the problem, what is actually happening when playback gets to the first repeat?

BTW FWIW (and though this is almost certainly unrelated to your problem), AFAIK the time signature for cut time should be placed immediately after the key signature. it's still the time signature for the song even though it begins with a partial measure (i.e., upbeat). (Right click in a blank area of the partial measure and change the Measure Properties to reflect its actual duration of 2/4; select the box for 'Irregular' to prevent it from being included in the measure count.)

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