How to make room for chords diagrams between title and music?

• Jul 26, 2016 - 06:44

Hi everyone,
I simply need to create some space to add fretboard diagrams to songs under the title, as in chords that will be played in the song.
I have tried options in page and style>edit style>page menu, but I haven't been able to shift everything down yet. Could anybody share the way to do this please?
Thanks so much,


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Of your label is a chord sybmol (eg, "G7"), simply enter the chord symbol normally (Ctrl+K). This by default places the chord symbol above the fret diagram, which is more standard, but you can play with the settings in Style / General / Chord Symbols to get other effects.

You can also use the Inspector to change the bottom gap for the frame. This keeps the comp[oser text (or other text anchored to the bottom of the frame) in the same position. You can also change the defgault bottom margin in Style / General / Page.

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Thanks everyone. I am still trying to figure this out.

my problem is that I can't create chords diagrams and chord labels that aren't linked to the notes below. I can solve the problem this way but I then need to align them all by sight which doesn't look the best.

I also haven't figured out the break/spacer to make extra room. I have looked through the style>general>page and header/footer/numbers options but couldn't find the right option...

I have attached an example of what I am trying to achieve.

Thanks for any help.


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Yes! That's working now thanks. So unless the code mentioned below is active, then I suppose I will drag the chords into the top by hand, and try to align against the frame of title. Is this the best method?
Thanks for the help everyone.

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Images are way easier. They can be created extremely simply: first create the diagram anywhere you like for now, then enable the image capture tool (camera icon to right of toolbar), select the region, Ctrl+C to copy. then you can click the title frame, Ctrl+V to paste.

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Maybe not easier to begin with, but definitely better in the liong run. Having the diagram attached to something other than the frame itself makes the layout fragile. Change anything about the score - add notes, add measures, change stretch, change staff size, etc - and your careful manual positioning is messed up. You really want things attached properly to begin with. And note if you have multiple diagrams, you can snap the image of all of them at ocne, guaranteeing perfect spacing and perfect alignment. You won't get that with dragging.

Update on progress:

*double clicking on title and dragging creates the space i need. Great!

Next, getting the chords and chord diagrams in place:

1. Click on an unused note (ie one that doesn't need a chord indication) and make one of songs chords and chord diagrams.
2. Drag the diagram to the top.
3. Drag the chord above the diagram
3. Repeat for each chord in the song.
4. Align by hand trying to get the spacing even.

This is where I am with this. I've found it almost impossible to get this looking centered and accurate.

Is there a better way?

I think getting an image of the chords (with matching fonts etc) and pasting a photo is a better option at this stage, but that's not ideal either.


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