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• Jul 23, 2016 - 02:20

I want to make a professional cover page for my score, but I do not know how. I would want to make the cover page like…


I have started adding my (decidedly non professional) cover pages at the Pdf stage.

- Create the cover page with whatever software you want to use. Save as Pdf.
- Adjust the page numbering in your (finalized) score to reflect the title page and any other additional pages you want up front (foreword, dedication etc., empty pages as required).
- Export the score to Pdf.
- Use one of those Pdf manipulation programs to combine the title page, other text pages if needed and the score into one Pdf (Mac OS X Preview will do it, assuming you can figure it out, but there are several freeware packages out there, many easier to use than Preview).

- Save the title page in picture format (.jpg?).
- Insert a vertical frame at the very beginning of the score (select the first measure with Shift-click, then insert frame).
- Paste the image into the frame and adjust size.

I have found that any variation of this alternative (including typing the page directly into the frame) may slow down any edit you want to do on the score. So don't bother with any add-ons with text before the score is finalized. If you add the title page at the Pdf stage you keep your score "unencumbered" in case you want to revise it at a later point (and you still have your title page separately which you just might have to modify a little before re-use).

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I've seen a way to do it in MuseScore with text frames while still retaining the Title text frame in the proper place on the first page of the score. Unfortunately it only works if it's the first thing you do after starting a new project, which does cause a lot of lag when editing a large score. But trying to do it at a later stage messes up the Title, Subtitle, and Composer text fields and forces them to page 1, and there's no way to fix it.

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