Note Entry - Guitar Pro v. Musescore

• Jul 22, 2016 - 06:47

I'm sure I'll continue to get better and faster at note entry in Musescore, but have entered at least half a dozen scores -- all songs (some with harmonies and all with accompaniments) -- I've had a fair amount of time to get up the curve, and at this time would like to mention what I find to be the easier-to-use facility for this in Guitar Pro 6.

The central difference is that Guitar Pro permits note values to be entered in a given measure that add up to more than the number of beats available. The second this occurs, the measure and the notes in it turn red and stay that way until you edit it so the note values sum to the correct number of beats. But meanwhile you can freely enter notes, and even copy and paste sequence of notes within the measure to create a similar but improved version (afterwards deleting the original).

This avoids the abundant twiddling of note values and re-entry of clobbered notes that takes place in Musescore. I think it's worth taking a look at for a future version of Musescore.


I so much agree with this.

My main pain point with MuseScore is that it prevents me from writting mistakes.
I want to be able to write temporary mistakes, it's necessary for

- being able to write by adding progresively to different parts;
- being able to tweak the way I write one small part, without impacting the rest of the written parts;
- let me see my mistakes and learn from them;

I really wish there was some edition mode in MuseScore that works by pointing mistake without preventing them. Currently writting in MuseScore is very painful if I didn't already wrote the parts somewhere else (like on paper).

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Thanks for illuminating the timeline here ... and for adding temporal perspective to the anachronistic top post.

AND thanks for the link on Note Input modes.

I've rushed excitedly forward in my three weeks with MuseScore and should review Note Input Modes diligently. I'm very glad to see that we can temporarily overfill measures; that definitely fits my workflow style!

Much appreciated!


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