Play repeats

• Mar 7, 2009 - 20:51

9.5 r1598

I am unable to get the voltas to play properly.

I Sset a 1st and 2nd ending but the play part ignores the information and repeats the 1st ending everytime. I am now unable to find the volta properties, the only place to vary anything that comes up is Line properties, which are not applicable.

Can anyone help?



If the repeat is supposed to go back to the beginning of the score. You must add a repeat sign (the one with the dots after it) at the beginning of the score. Put it right after the key and time signature. Then right-click it and select "set invisible". This is how I get my volta to play correctly.
As information, none of the other repeats (ie. DS al fine) seem to work if they are not the only repeat in the bar, so, for example, if you have a minuet and trio, and the trio has a repeat at the end of it, and after this repeat plays you want to put a DS al fine to repeat the minuet, it will only work if you make a first and second ending and put the "D.S. al Fine" at the end of the second ending (not at the end of the bar with the repeat)
I'm finding out that sometimes you have to choose between whether you want it to play correctly, or print correctly.

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