MXL export/import problem

• Jul 19, 2016 - 02:30

For the sake of an example and keeping this short, I have tried the exact same things in .XML. Anyways,
I tried exporting and re-importing a MusicXML file, and upon opening, I get a pop-up saying it isn't a valid file. Going to the Show Details... button, it shows this:

Fatal error: line 45 column 19 Element credit is missing child element.

Upon viewing this in XCode, I get

45: < credit page="1">
46: < /credit>

I just added the line numbers as an example. It keeps continuing for a couple more times...
I have permission to upload this song and please don't mind thats MLP...
So, enjoy playing around and helping me fix the bug! I had to use .zip b/c the original file is 2.2 MB or something... And please ignore the spaces in the credit... it thinks its HTML or something...

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Works fine for me when I load your MSCX file into 2.0.3, export as XML, then re-import. No error. Can you post precise steps to reproduce the problem?

BTW, instead of placing an MSCX in a zip file, just save as MSCZ - the default file type anyhow. It's already compressed (in fact, it's a ZIP file, but includes some other meta information as well as the MSCX file).

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