how do I get in Tempo i.e. andante and not only Note=80

• Jul 17, 2016 - 07:05

I have Musescore 2.0.3 on my Windows 7 - 64 bit Computer installed.
I have made the Partitur for Mozart KV 220 - Spatzenmesse - Benedictus, for I didn't find it for download.
I am using Musescore in German, so sorry for my not exact translations.
I wanted to use Tempo like Andante and Allegro, but in the Tempo palette ther are only 6 fileds with different values if notes = 80. I can change the 80 to i.e. 75 or 150 or something else, but how do I get the other fields like Andante, Allegro ... as shown in the Documentation ?
I try to put a scrennshot in the attachment.
So far I am new in this forum, so maybe this question was already set and solved, if this is, please give me a hint where to search for infos.
thanks for help and info.
Wilhelm Kästner

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Easiest wasy to enter tempo markings is click the note in the score where you want it to appear, then press Alt+T. You can then type whatever text you like. But indeed, you can place one of the existing markings from the palette and then double click it to edit it afterwards instead. It works as well, it's just several more steps.

Hello and thanks to the 3 fast answerers, especially to Marc Sabatella for the clear description of the way to do. I will use this.

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