Mounted network drives not showing in Musescore 2

• Jul 16, 2016 - 18:16

in Musescore 2 I can't seem to be able to access mounted network drive/shares in Linux Mint 17 when trying to open a score save there.

Works fine in the windows version.

Why don't they show in the file/open menu


As a workaround I have had luck browsing to the desired directory with my file manager, and copying the directory path to the clipboard and then pasting it to Musescore.

(Actually having navigated with my file manager I would usually just double click on the file to open it.)

Using Ubuntu with xfce and Thunar. Thunar was set to display the full path at the top of the window. I imagine most other Linux file managed can be set to show the same info.

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Many thanks for your reply.

Help much appreciated. I had alrady worked out though that I could use the file browser to double click on the files I needed. which is ok but I find it strange that earlier versions of musescore worked fine and I could access the mounted drives easily. It is one of the very frustrating quirks of computing (not just linux) is that once you have got something set up, later versions knock everything for six. Not only is it more difficult to auto mount network shares in Mint 17, is that when you do, musescore no longer sees them. I am not the most knowledgable about these things, and It takes me days and days of work to work out and understand what everyone is talking about for a start. The latest musescore version in windows didn't change anything in the way of file/share access so why did the linux version changes alter it?

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