combining soprano and alto on one staff

• Jul 30, 2011 - 19:01

Can the program combine the soprano and alto onto one staff? Or can I at least change the name of the staff from Soprano to Soprano and Alto, and then at a second voice?


Sure, you can put two voices on the same staff - see the section on Voices in the handbook. You can also change the staff name to anything you like - just right click and see Staff Properties.

If you mean, you've already written music where the parts are on separate staves and now you want to combine them, you can mvoe the alto part to voice 2 then copy it on top of the soprano part.

I too am having problems putting 2 voice parts (S/A or T/B) on 1 staff. I followed the directions for "voices" in the handbook, but when I go back to the beginning after putting in the first part, click on the "Voice 2" button and try to insert notes, the values of the *first* part notes I entered change. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.
Can anyone help?
Also-and this may help solve the problem-how do I assign voices?

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