Highlight changes/Musical Diff

• Jul 9, 2016 - 21:42

I've been making noise on some other threads. In one, I asked for features that would benefit composers more than other types of MuseScore users. I also posted a lot of comments on someone else's thread about whether parts should inherit the adjustments made in the main score.

So here's an idea (fresh off the boat) that would help composers who need to generate parts and who may be more likely to be tweaking the score.

Let's consider this workflow: I write my masterpiece, add all the phrasing and correct any ugly slurs, collisions, etc. Now I'm ready to generate parts to hand off to some musician friends, who actually show up at my house to play my music! In addition to setting up the part layout to make sure the music is readable and that page breaks are optimal, etc., I usually have to go back and refix the ugly slurs/collisions/etc. that I fixed the first time. Let's ignore that for the moment and say that that work is done.

After having the musicians give the music a try, I may make various changes. I may tweak a variety of items over a some period of time and I do this in the main score, of course. Now, it's time to regenerate the parts. It would be handy if I could press a button and have everything that's changed light up.

While the notes are live-linked to the parts, the adjustments are not, and anything that changed is a prime candidate for review.

Differences might be flagged by initiating some "Record changes from now on..." function. Or it could be done by writing a musical diff tool (maybe there is one?).

Not that I expect this feature to actually be added. I would find it useful, but it's a lot of work. On the other hand, someone might have an alternate approach which would have the same result and maybe could be done with the existing MuseScore or maybe MusicXML tools.


I like this idea; having the program highlight changes would be a very useful thing, IMO.

As to the complexity of the actual implementation of such a tool, I am not competent to have an opinion, since I am not a developer. But if it were to be done, I would like to see a toggled keyboard shortcut (ALT+H, perhaps?) that would enable me to see the changes highlighted, and then, once I'd satisfied myself that everything was Kosher, turn it back off.

This could save many users much worry and many sleepless nights. I vote 'Aye' on this one.

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