Printing Problems

• Jul 27, 2011 - 12:24
S5 - Suggestion

Open demos/inv4.
1: note symbol not correcty shown(img1)
2: print score: only page 1 is printed, page 2 and three are blank.

Windows XP, r4599

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"#1 can be fixed by editing the file"

How is this an acceptable fix, asking the user to edit the MSCZ file? The missing font (the square symbol) has been a problem under the Windows 2.0 nightly build for some time. When I select the Symbols pallete, things are there but when using the "keyboard" option when editing text to select a special symbol (like a quarter note for the tempo marking), all the symbols are squares.

I checked the "keyboard" to edit the symbol and it worked for me. You need a font with the proper unicode symbols (like the default "FreeSerifMscore" which is "FreeSerif" with bigger note heads (which i believe looks better).

Inv.-mscx is an mscore 1.0 file which uses a special font with non standard code points for note symbols. This was changed to standard unicode which creates an incompatibility between mscore 2.0 and 1.0. The only fix for now is to edit the file.

Partially understood about 1.0 to 2.0. This will create a small but nasty problem for all 1.0 scores going forward, won't it?

Now, when I create a new score with 2.0 (in this case R4601) I do get a tempo marking with the proper quarter note (x = 100) character. But when I go to edit the tempo line and bring up the special symbols dialog (F2), every character is boxes. How is this fixed?

I would imagine that it would be possible for MuseScore 2.0 to recognize that a score was created using 1.0 and convert the character references automatically, but that just isn't happening *yet*. No?

I guess I'll also need to be looking at updating MuseJazz. I had used the same character codes as MScore and MScore1 anywhere there was overlap. Well, once all the dust has settled for 1.1, I'll take a look at that.

Some versions ago i replaced the bundled FreeSerif font with a modified FreeSerifMscore version. The F2 palette code was note updated and filled with glyphs from FreeSerif. On my system this makes not a big difference difference as i have FreeSerif installed. I guess on your system FreeSerif was not found and the default replacement font does not contain the musical symbols.

It should be possible to translate the 1.0 coding to make 2.0 backward compatible. The task is postponed so far.