corrupted measure doesn't exist

• Jul 2, 2016 - 21:42

When I open a file I am working on, I get the message
Measure 276 Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 1/8; Found: 0/1
In the file, measure numbers jump from 275 to 277.
Can I simply ignore the message?
When I close the file, I don't get a message.
274 is in 4/4, 277 is a 1/8 measure in 2/4 time. Mikado melody.mscz


The measure numbers reported are *actual* measure numbers, ignoring any shenanigans you might play with measure properties to affect the *displayed* measure number. Use Ctrl+F to jump to the actual measure number 276. It's the change to 2/4 and the key of Eb / Cm accompanying the text "As some day it may happen". And I wouldn't ignore it - it's clearly displaying incorreclt,y and corruptions now oftewn lead to crashes later. See for info on fixing corruptions.

Thanks, Marc. Also for such prompt response. I succeeded, but it was a lot of trouble since eliminating the empty measure eliminated all kinds of other stuff, and a later measure became corrupted. For the record, there were no measure shenanigans this time, and the ribbon at the bottom identified the adjoining measures un-shenaniganly, I presume. Also no import of an older file was involved. I managed to sow corruption using 2.03 alone. John

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