Chord Symbols Overlap Measure Numbers

• Jul 2, 2016 - 10:10

When I put chord symbols in the master score and then go to edit the individual instrument sheet the chord symbols overlap the measure numbers. Is there some way to remedy this without having to go to every chord symbol and move it a few cm to the right by hand?

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Were you really planning on leaving all those measures empty? If there were notes there, there probably wouldn't be collisions. It's usually best to wait until you are done entering notes before making formatting decisions.

But anyhow, as mentioned, you can change the default measure number position, or simply omit the measure numbers. But also, to move a bunch of chords at once, select them all (eg, select the range of measures, then right click a chord, Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection) then use the Inspector to move them all the same amount at the same time.

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