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• Jul 1, 2016 - 20:25

I am copying a measure from a guitar piece I am working on into Musecore. There are two voices, the first has the two half notes. The second voice consists of all of the other notes. For voice 2, Musecore wants to start measure 2 with the fourth quarter note from measure 1. I've attached a screen shot. Would appreciate any suggestions. I cant imagine this being a bug, rather than a misunderstanding on my part.


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As you can see/hear from my attached .mscz file, Musecore does not let me include the fourth quarter note for the second voice in measure 1. I places it in measure 2. When I play it back with a metronome, the metronome sounds out the fourth quarter note in measure 1, but the quarter note is not played until the second measure.

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Thanks...I had tried copying and pasting into other measures with no luck. I just wanted to see what this sounds like at low tempo for practising the piece so that solves my immediate concerns. However Musescore-wise, it seems like it ought to work in measure 1.

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Yes, it is depending the publishers. I use the revision by Alirio Diaz (Zanibon), or by Eythor Thorlaksson (the only difference: the dots or not in Voice 1)

So, it's a personal choice, there is many cases like this in the repertoire of Agustin Barrios.


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It seems perhaps you inadvertently deleted the note on beat 4 in voice 2, which replaces it with a rest, and then inadvertently deleted the rest as well, leaving a "hole" there. Easiest way to recover is to click the quarter note on beat 3 and press "6" to change it to a half, thus reclaiming the hole. You can then change it back to a quarter and the rest will now be intact.

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