Can't manually add beat

• Jun 30, 2016 - 19:50

I am trying to reproduce a score, and it asks me to add a tempo at measure 28 beat 1.23542, but when I use 128th notes, the closest I can get is 1.21875 to 1.25, not anywhere within. I tried using Object debugger, but there was no function that allowed me to set the beat by typing numbers in. This KIND OF is a feature request to be able to type the beat in manually... For now, I will use MSCX to edit it.


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Ah. So you want the notation to be "normal" - an eighth or sixteenth or whatever - but tweak how it plays back to not be so exact? Playback isn't really the main point of MuseScore, but you can fine tune the start and end points of notes for playback using the Pianoroll Editor - right click a measure to display it. Mostly, though, this is the sort of thing better done in a program that specializes in this - export from MuseScore to a standard MIDI file and then tweak away in DAW software.

I'm confused. How would a notation to add a tempo at "beat 1.23542" even look? Asked another way, what are you seeing in the score that leads you to believe the composer is asking the performer to change tempo at precisely beat 1.23542? And what human performers do you believe are capable of that type of precision?

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