Note's dot's visibility is incorrect when toggling visibility with note and dot selected

• Jun 29, 2016 - 17:02
P2 - Medium
S4 - Minor

Today I discovered a small bug.

1. write a note with a 'rhythmic dot'. (for example a eight-1/2 note)
2. Select the whole measure(see picture) and press 'v' to make the selection invisible.
3. The rhythmic dot is excluded from this handling and keeps visible. Vice versa it works just fine.

I set the priority to normal because almost nobody is bothering by this bug but in my case i used invisibility to make look my score more clearly but now i have to correct all dots manually which is of course anoying.

Philip Bergwerf

[ps. to improve my language skills: what's a proper word in english to express 'eight-1/2' note?]

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I guess you probably pressed "V" to toggle visibility rather than using the Inspector to directly set everything invisible. The latter works.

What is happening with "V" is that because both the note and the dot are select, and because toggling visibility for the note also toggles it for the dot, the dot ends up getting toggled twice - once because it is part of the note, once because it is selected on its own as well.

We've had similar issues in the past that were resolved by being sure not to toggle twice (I think this happened for the command to toggle staccato dots on chords with an even number of notes, for example).

Oh, BTW, the note in your picture is called a "dotted eighth note" in American English, or a "dotted quaver" in British English.

Title dot is visable if you set the whole measure invisable Note's dot's visibility is incorrect when toggling visibility with note and dot selected
Reported version 2.1  
Frequency Many
Priority P2 - Medium
Regression No
Workaround Yes

PR has merge conflicts but the basic approach is probably sound.

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