I Birthed a New Score!!!

• Jun 23, 2016 - 15:26

I have successfully given birth to a healthy baby score. I'mma name it "The Clock." Tell me if she's beautiful like me or ugly like a rotten banana.


A 60 Page GRAND Spectacular Clock of Musaaac!!!!
DURATION - 1 hour

Each Unit of Time is played on a Quartal chord:

Bb = Centisecond (0.01 second)
F = Decisecond (0.1 second)
C = Second
G = Minute
D = Hour

Each page is 1 minute. Use it as your clock mkay! As you're frying with a Pan and cooking with your Toaster.


If I were to describe this, I'm thinking this would have the same effect as something tapping in a consistent rhythm really loud (picture a metronome plugged in and playing while amplified). If you've done a little research, that is actually known to cause an annoyance for some people, it's even worse if it sounds soft, and is playing when one is trying to fall asleep.
In my case, I can actually survive listening to a ticking sound like that without getting annoyed. I don't get it why people get annoyed at that. Then again, I also don't get annoyed at "This is the Song that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on my friend", and "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves". I also don't get why people get annoyed at those.

I believe I left a comment in musescore.com about what I thought. I will confess that I have not listened to it, because I am currently pressed for time.

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I've been dwelling my brain upon this for four months, and I realized that if I loop it, it will keep playing the hour hand every minute. That would be a no-no-yes-no. Bad indeed. It had to be this way. It just HAD to. I'm sorry... i'm so sorry....

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