"crashes" in 1.1 on loading new scores from forum

• Jul 19, 2011 - 15:27

Sorry, I don't know how to reproduce this, nor can I describe the symptoms very well. But one several occasions in the past day or two, I've had the 1.1 prerelease running (Vista), then downloaded a score here in the forum (viewed with Firefox), clicked the name of the score in Firefox's download manager to open the score in MuseScore, and I get a message that "the previous session closed unexpectedly", which isn't really true - the previous session is still running happily. And then the score loads normally, or at last appears to, but at some point I realize I actually have several instances of MuseScore running.

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this on command, but thought maybe if someone else has seen anything similar, we might be able to narrow it down together.

I did just manage to reproduce it again while typing this up. I believe the sequence went something like this:

- with MuseScore not yet running, double click score from Firefox download manager, it opens with the score
- load another score from within MuseScore
- close the score loaded from Firefox
- double click that score in Firefox again
- repeat last two or three steps a couple of times more

But I can't give you a step by step. It doesn't seem to matter what the specific scores are.


I can't reproduce either, and I could be wrong.

I've once or twice seen 'MuseScore has quit unexpectedly' when I can't remember closing it down (again, could be wrong) - I tried to reproduce by having the program on in the hope it would just quit, but nothing happened.

If I discover anything else, I'll post again.

Using MuseScore 1.1 (Pre-release 2) - Mac 10.6.8.

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Yes this was it. To reproduce:

Start MuseScore, Menue/File/Open, don't select anything , just have that dialog open
Switch to Internet Explorse (or Firefox, or whatever browser) and download a .mscz
Or just double click on an mscz on your disk.
voila, error message shows up

To make it worse, the old sessions hangs unresponsive

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Great - well, sort of - you know what I meant :-). FWIW, I don't think this is *exactly* what was going on for me - I doubt I was leaving a dialog open. But may well have been in some other state where MuseScore just couldn't deal with an incoming load request.

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I can reproduce the open file / open bug with MuseScore 1.0. So it's not a regression, but it's a crash and the first MuseScore instance is taking a lot of CPU. Not sure what is going on (yet).

The other one is more difficult to reproduce, and I don't remember getting it with MuseScore 1.0. So it looks like a regression... Maybe it's due to the upgraded Qt...

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Have you seen it too (the version where you don't have the open dialog up)? Or is that just me?

In my case, there is no actual crash, no hung process, no loss work - but I do end up with multiple instances of MuseScore up, both with the same documents open, which caused me some confusion.

I made a new fix in r4561. The behavior is now as follow.
If the open dialog or any other modal dialog is open, the file is not opened, no new instance of MuseScore is launched (at least not visible). With this fix, I can't reproduce the bug report by Marc.

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