Adeste Fideles

• Mar 5, 2009 - 23:17


when playing Adeste Fideles demo file (which has only one line - isn't it an error?), it sounds like staccato although notes aren't staccato - is there some trouble about playing music fluently? And is there some way to disable a moving blue line which shows what actual part of a bar is played? (I find it disturbing because the line isn't fluent neither, it jumps from a note to another note.)



The Adeste Fideles demo file was created in a earlier version of MuseScore which played normal notes in the semi-detached style you are describing. I fixed the Adeste Fideles demo in the software repository for the next version of MuseScore. Although the words and tune are clearly public domain, I do not know the copyright status of the particular hymn arrangement so I left it as one line only.

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