Augm. dot incorrect setting

• Jun 16, 2016 - 06:20

Augm. dot is missing when two voices are overlapping each other. Here all notes are entered as dotted.

The setting for Voice2 when framing Voice1 should be edited here.


Augm. dot is not really missing. There is an overlapping of the two dots of the A voice 2 and D voice1. In Inspector, you may observe there is legitimate positions for the dot: Top, Bottom (plus Auto)
So, in this case, select the D voice 1, and select position "Bottom" (or, if other similar cases into the score, select the chord, or if more, depending the context, Select All (Ctrl + A) -> Notes (bottom right page) -> Select "Bottom", section Dot position.

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"this setting, but good that it exist"
Indeed, good.
I am not an expert of Sibelius (7.5) but I observe this: At the third step (by default), the entry of the D (voice 2) deletes the A (same voice 2)
With MuseScore, you receive an expected result with a simple setting (to know, yes) Maybe another setting in Sibelius that I ignore, possible, don't know.
And by entering in Sib., first, the two notes in Voice 2, then the F in Voice 1, I get this. So, not always better!
deux voix.jpg
EDIT: for the first reply, I wanted to write: "There is an overlapping of the two dots of the A voice 2 and F voice1" , of course.

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