Cleaning up an improvisation

• Jun 14, 2016 - 04:58

What is the best way to clean up a file from an improvisation recorded in another DAW and than exported to MS? Improvisation is made in 4/4 and tempo 120 (the standard).

Is there any tool for beat mapping or similar?

I don't want at this particular moment have my scores look like Ferneyhough.


Yes, quantization is the general term for the cleanup of rhyhtms - making sure note starts & stops align with actual metric positions. This is usually best done in your MIDI software (sequencer / DAW). You'll probably also need to do some cleanup by hand to sort of overlapping notes, which MuseScire will have to interpret as multiple voices. Chances are you'll still need to do a *lot* of editing in MuseScore, though - this is much more an art than a science.

Thank you.
I guess some work in a DAW prior exporting to MuseScore is a good way.
Interestingly, MuseScore is doing pretty well in comparing to Finale or Sibelius, I am wondering if there is a particular algorithm that is used for analysis.
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The MIDI import algorithms were worked on extensively a few years ago by a student in the Google Summer of Code (Andrey Tokarev aka trig-ger). I think he did a great job on a very difficult task, and yes, there are indeed many cases where we do better than the competition as a result.

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