.gig (giga) sounds in Musescore?

• Jun 11, 2016 - 20:01

Is it possible to use .gig ("giga") sound banks in musescore?

If there is a previous forum discussion explaining it, just pointing me to it would be fine.



Only if you use JACK to output MIDI/Audio.

Internal support is only for SF2 and SFZ, although currently SFZ is extremely limited in the opcodes it supports.

Isn't Giga a dead format? Certainly Gigastudio hasn't been supported since 2009.

I do know that LinuxSampler will load and play Giga files, and it is available as a VST for Windows so in theory you would be able to load and play Giga files using the recommended setup of JACK outputting to the Carla VST host.

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