Slurs/lines not transferring to parts and vice-versa

• Jun 8, 2016 - 17:19
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Over the past month, I've noticed that slurs and lines, such as 8va's and of the sort, don't transfer to parts created or vise-versa (from part to score). Numerous lines that serve a function (such as 8va) don't actually make it an octave higher in the part. (It does in the score, but not in the part). And visual lines such as slurs, don't show up in parts when placed in the score, and same goes for Part-Score.

GIT commit: 3c7a69d

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In order to help, we would need you to post the actually score you are having problems with and precise steps to reproduce the problem. In general, lines *do* get linked between score and parts, so whatever is going wrong for you must be a special case.

Hmm, there definitely seems to be a problem here, but if I add new lines to the score, they do show up, and if I generate new parts, all the lines are there. They go away, however, when I save the score - maybe not the first time, but after some further editing and a few more saves. So it seems somehow this score has become corrupted, but it isn't clear how. Is there anything you can remember about how you created this score that could possibly help explain what has gone wrong?

Addfitional information: if I look at the MSCX file in a text editor, I can see the "stop" tags are missing for these slurs. That is, in the partsm the slurs contain information about where they start but not where they stop. So that is why they don't display. I can guess maybe this was a result of something unusual about how you created these slurs. I know there have been bugs involving cases where one uses Shift+left to move the *start* point of a slur after the slur is created. I don't suppose you were doing that at all? My best guess is there is some situation where changing the *end* point after parts are generated causes a problem as well, but we need to figure out steps to reproduce that problem.

I do remember that I started the song with Euphonium, but changed the instrument via the 'Staff properties' panel. I also save VERY often, it's a habit. I can most likely assume that it's the instrument change, as for this happened on a few other scores where I did the same thing.

Instrument changes shouldn't affect this unless you also added or deleted staves. It's more likely somethng about how you added or edited the slurs themselves. But I tried lots of variations and couldn't reproduce a problem (nor can I recall anyone else encountering this). So I'm thinking it must have been something pretty unusual.